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Service Vouchers for expats and special statuses (diplomats, etc.)

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Are you an expatriate resident in Belgium or you have a special status (diplomat, NATO, EU Institutions worker, etc.) and no INSZ/NISS (national register number) ? Are you wondering whether you are entitled to service vouchers and how it works ?

Based on our experience with many expats clients, we can help you find the best housekeeper according to your needs and expectations and assist you in the process of in the process of creating your account with SODEXO.

In this article we take a couple of special statuses and explain how you should proceed correctly.

For starters, what is a Belgian Social Security Number (INSZ/NISS number) ?

An INSZ (or NISS) number, also called the national register number, is the unique identification number of the Belgian Social Security.

This number is assigned to every physical person registered in the population register and foreign register, in the registers of the diplomatic delegations and consulates abroad.

Theis number can be found on the (electronic) identity card (or similar document), as well as on various other documents such as your tax certificates, your stickers from the health insurance, and so on.

If you have a INSZ/NISS number (example: 86.03.18-103.07), you can already book a cleaning service with us and we will take care of signing you up to the Service Vouchers system.

What is the Service Voucher system ?

Belgian companies which are approved for the national Service Voucher scheme employ workers to provide domestic services (cleaning, cooking, etc.).

The service user pays the worker with a Service-Voucher (at a very cheap price: 9€ ) for each hour worked. In return, the worker is paid a proper monthly salary by their employer.

More than 1 million of households use Service Vouchers in Belgium !

Special Status

You do not have an INSZ number but you do hold a diplomatic or consular identity card or you are a staff member of SHAPE or NATO ? Good news ! You can benefit from the Service Voucher system!

Follow the steps below :


You have a diplomatic identity (yellow) or you have a consular identity (green), you can register for service checks as a user without INSZ.

To register you, we ask you to send the following documents :

  • print and complete the registration form correctly ;
  • join a recto / verso photocopy of your diplomatic or consular identity card ;
  • join a certificate of residence in Belgium, if the address is not stated on the identity card. To obtain this, please contact the Protocol Directorate of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

You can do this:

You will then receive a Sodexo number.


You can register as a user of service vouchers without INSZ.

To register you, we ask you to send the following documents :

  • a fully and correctly completed registration form,
  • a recto / verso photocopy of your SHAPE or NATO identity card,
  • a certificate of residence in Belgium, issued by the federal police of the Shape or by the Privileges and Immunities Office of NATO.

You can do this:

You will then receive a Sodexo number.

Once you have received your Sodexo Number (meaning you are subscribed to the Service Vouchers system), contact us and we will book a cleaning service as fast as we can !

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